Newark Museum

April 28th, 2017 - Permanent


N ew Jersey’s Newark Museum holds extensive collections of American, Decorative and World Art and honored the retirement of its top silver curator Ulysses G. Dietz, who chose chose the “Hops Blossom Goblet” and “Sunflower Cuff Bracelet” as his farewell addition. He did so because of Galmer’s important role in America’s silver-making history; the two pieces feature the artist’s trademark technique and are highly representative of his inexhaustible inspiration from flora and fauna.


Sterling silver and 24K gold plated 'Blossom Goblet' designed by Michael Galmer.
Blossom Goblet
Sterling silver and 24K gold plating.
H: 7"
Sterling Silver and 24K gold plated 'Sunflower Cuff' designed by Michael Galmer. Photography by Zephyr Ivanisi and Oliver Ivanisi of [ZeO] Productions.
Sunflower Cuff
Sterling silver and 24K gold plating.
Circumference: 6.5"