Long Island Museum of Art

September 21st - December 30th, 2018


L ong Island Museum of Art in Stony Brook, NY has a long tradition of American Art and has expanded their collection to include contemporary artists; its recent exhibit “Shaping Silver” featured an amazing array of metal works including several sculptures by Michael Galmer.


Sterling silver and 24K gold plated 'Lust for Life' sculpture by Michael Galmer.
Lust for Life
Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
H: 41" W: 18" Y: 2016
Sterling silver and bronze'Ten Commandments' sculpture by Michael Galmer.
Ten Commandments
Sterling silver, bronze
H: 55" W: 45" Y: 2012
Sterling silver and 24K gold plated 'Hops Blossom Pitcher' designed by Michael Galmer.
Hops Blossom Pitcher
Sterling silver
H: 11" Y:2001
Silver and 24K gold plated 'Lemon Set' designed by Michael Galmer.
Lemon Set
Sterling silver and 24K gold plating.
L: 22" x W 12" Y:2006


Cover photo of TBR News Media Arts & Lifestyle section featuring Michael Galmer's 'Lust for Life' sculpture.

Press: Michael Galmer featured in TBR News Media

Arts & Lifestyle section highlights Michael Galmer's contribution to the Long Island Museum's permanent collection.

Michael Galmer's 'Bee Vase' sculpture, one of many featured in Adornment Magazine article.

Press: Michael Galmer in Adornment Magazine

"Sterling Silver:The Amazing World of Michael Galmer" takes the cover story in latest issue of jewelry & arts magazine.