Biggs Museum

April 6th - May 20th 2018


T he Sewell C. Briggs Museum houses one of the finest collections of American fine and decorative arts; its 25th Silver Anniversary Celebration was celebrated with an exhibition by the famed American silversmith entitled Monumental: Michael Izrael Galmer, Silversmith. Despite having achieved commercial success and becoming one of the country’s leading commission craftsmen - the artist continues to challenge himself by following the impulse to create much larger commemorative and contemporary sculptures. His message resonates internationally with collectors around the world, and the pieces on display at this exhibit featured a complete timeline of his works - most notably many grandiose new sculptures.


'Cherry from Root' sculpture designed by Michael Galmer.
Cherry from Root
Enamel-decorated silver, resin
H: 26" L:41" Y: 2016
'Volcano' sterling silver and 24K gold sculpture designed by Michael Galmer.
Sterling silver, 24K gold plating, wood
H: 10" W: 12" Y: 2016
Sterling silver and 24K gold plating 'Lust for Life' sculpture by Michael Galmer.
Lust for Life
Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
H: 41" W: 18" Y: 2016
Sterling silver and 24K gold plated 'Body from Egg' sculpture by Michael Galmer.
Body from Egg
Sterling silver, 24K gold plating
H: 34" W: 24" Y: 2018
STerling silver and bronze 'Ten Commandments' sculpture by Michael Galmer.
Ten Commandments
Sterling silver, bronze
H: 55" W: 45" Y: 2012
Sterling silver Preakness trophy replica designed by Michael Galmer.
Preakness Trophy
Sterling silver
H: 24" Y: 1996


Photo from the opening reception of sculpture arist Michael Galmer's exhibit at Biggs Museum.

Biggs Museum Opening Reception

A big thank you to everyone who joined us for the opening reception at Biggs Museum!

Michael Galmer at Biggs Museum for the unveiling reception of 'Body from Egg' sculpture.

'Body from Egg' reception @ Biggs Museum

Video from the reception of Galmer's latest sculpture to go into a permanent collection.